Hot Stamping Sticker

Hot Stamping is a popular and specialized printing process which uses heat, pressure and metal foils to create a shinning metal effect to your product. This is a common printing method for product sticker labels such as cosmetics, beauty and fashion sticker label. Our company provide this hot stamping printing process as a finishing service which help to produce a more elegant look on your product.


People are more likely familiar with a brand based on its packaging. Brands create a customer’s view of their image by generating a favorable first impression with packaging that includes recognizable colors, brand emblems, and text. Packaging, particularly for food sector companies, must be appealing, useful, and inspiring brand awareness in order to promote greater sales. Saint Print Enterprise provides label sticker printing services in Malaysia. One of our sticker printing services is hot stamp printing, which provides firms with a solution that fits all three requirements.


Furthermore, we provide a label sticker printing service in Malaysia for industrial applications such as barcode stickers, polyester stickers, and warranty stickers. With the growth of technology and advances in machinery, our goal is to give the finest label sticker printing service in Malaysia by providing only the best to every client that passes through our door.

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