Our Services

We keep your supply chain flowing and your production on time with efficient customer service.. We can print customized shape, size and color on your choice of material with self-adhesives for the items display. We aim to make your business look good. We emphasis on Strict Quality Control, Best Price, Fast Turnaround, and Customer Support.

UV Varnish
UV Varnish is an ultra violet and it’s a process where another clear ink layer of UV outside layer is applied onto the label. This Varnishing process makes the label’s surface more attractive and shining appearance.

Process of perforation is where we make a tear-able part on the label in to small cuts will be ready to make the tear-able part allowing user for a smart tear off once needed. Even though creating that tear-able cut, the label can remain attached.

Embossing is an affect that creates 3D like look on the label’s surface where the image or writing of the label is embossed out creating an optical and hand over touch feeling. Moreover, it gives the feeling of the label printed has been lift up and became thicker.

Sheet/Roll Form Labels
We also supply labels in roll form and sheet form on customer request where it is mainly used for business stress sensitive labelling machine. Sheet form labels are considered the most common and inexpensive substitute, more than ever when there are a number of designs.

Consultation / Follow-Up Services
Once we get your purchase order, we work to provide your needs and help you to save expenses though suggesting the best of our products to suit your requirements. From help you to design and suggest the materials, we will schedule delivery date leading requested appearance.

Delivery / Despatch
Saint Print not only makes and produces a good quality goods but also having good term delivery. We will delivery our products by currier service once the packaging was finished. We will try our best to deliver your order on your require date as soon as possible. Timelines, satisfactions of customer and your branding are our responsibility.

Labels and Stickers
Design We have our own internal specialist designer to help you if you have not ready with your labels and they designed for you. We include the designing of your labels as well and we will also have to make readjustment for any changes in the label design, explanation, colour and so on.